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Thinking like a Merchant

You've got a product you've worked really hard to source. Your business is growing well, but you need to reach more customers. If you're going to scale your business, you need a retail partner. This should be simple right? Only one problem, you're still thinking like a supplier. In order to be a great partner you've got to be able to think like a buyer. This is where we come in. Unlock your potential. Separate from the competition today! 


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I worked with SACG directly on a number of projects over the last two years. They uncovered insights we hadn’t even considered. They helped us refine our overall strategic approach to the business and brought the best out of an already talented sales team. We are now better equipped to serve our National Accounts.
— Import Supplier
We utilized Stephen A Consulting to draft our ideas into a well articulated business plan. The experience was great
— Lydia B.
I worked directly with Stephen. He is both highly strategic & tactical. For example, while captaining the Employee Engagement strategic team at Lowe’s (of which I was a member), he led more than 5 in-flight projects, making sure each met deadlines and delivered results. At the same time, he was also working on one of those projects as a team member, gathering resources and providing analysis. I respect his ability to dive into the weeds and then come back up to a high level, and I know that it will serve him well wherever his career takes him.
— Amber Davis
In terms of understanding my vision for my company, I was amazed at how quickly SACG understood my needs. I’ve went from a small operation out of my garage to a legit business being prepped for on shelf opportunities. I feel equipped for success and I’m so grateful!
— Kelly Hunter



We promise to keep the customer first, not the retailer, not the supplier, the customer.  We promise to add value in every client relationship, but more importantly we promise to work really hard to create relationships that will last a lifetime. We believe that real change and real achievement typically is a result of teamwork. Strong teamwork is a result of strong relationships. You are best suited to advise and most apt to receive consult from those with whom you've developed a genuine relationship. We promise to work to really hard to create those type of relationships.  We never compromise confidentiality. We never guarantee you will win business. We do believe that our company as well as our clients will be better off as a result of working together. We promise that the focus is and will always be the customer. 


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About Me

MY NAME IS Stephen

I started focusing on academics after my friend Matthew showed me how well he did on a Geometry test in 9th grade. I performed significantly worse than Matt on that test. At that moment the competition began, I wanted to excel in academics and I did. I graduated 21st out of 400+ students. I started college early at Purdue University in the Dr. Cornell A Bell Business Opportunity Program (BOP), I went on to get my MBA with a focus in Entrepreneurship from Ball State University.   I started writing business plans at Purdue for fun. I did my first consulting work with Whitinger Strategic Services. I worked for 3 years and 3 months as a merchant with Lowes Companies Inc. I established the Stephen Anthony Consulting Group because I saw the need for potential suppliers of large retailers to be more refined in their approach. I believe that if I can help more suppliers partner in a better way, I can help more customers attain and enjoy the products they need and desire. Hopefully those products improve their lives and communities.