Retail Consulting

Retail is our specialty. Learning from some of the best merchants in the world at a US based Fortune 50 Company. We have a good idea of what buyers are looking to see from their potential suppliers. Let us help you see what we see. 


Account Management

Already established with a retail customer? There comes a point where you have to decide how you are going to manage the day to day. From item setup to forecasting, analytics to logistics, we want to help you manage the omni-channel experience. 



Business Analysis

Are you looking at your business the way a retailer is looking at its business? Can you unlock insights into customer trends by dissecting product feature sets and year over year performance? Well we can! Let us create the weekly dashboard your account managers need to manage the business. 




Geographical Analysis

You've got the data let us put it to use!

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Business Planning

When you are first starting out you may get to the point where you need a formal document to indicate where you are going. The plan is not a product its a process. We help you get involved in answering the questions that will help you understand the ins and outs of your business. We are big believers in your entrepreneurship journey and we will offer significant help as you map out your plans.



Strategic Planning

What is your 3-5 year strategy? The world is changing fast. Retail is changing fast. If you wait to plan you'll be irrelevant, let us help you take advantage of where the market is going. 


Grant Writing

Are you a non-profit? Its time for you to unlock the funding you need to keep doing the great work you've been called to do! We can help you. 


Equity Investment

Are you an entrepreneur that needs an investment to get your business to the next level? We'd love to hear about how you got started, where you are at, and the future we can potentially create together! Contact us today!